PublISHED ON 21 May 2018

UpDATED ON 28 June 2018

The Swedish Research Council

The Swedish Research Council is a government agency within the Ministry of Education and Research. We fund research and research infrastructure in all scientific disciplines. We are also advisors to the Government on research policy issues and work to increase understanding of the long-term societal benefits of research.

Research funding

The Swedish Research Council is the largest public funding body for research at Swedish universities and higher education institutions. We fund research within all scientific disciplines by issuing calls for grant applications in open competition. Each year, the approximately 800 researchers who sit on our review panels deal with about 6 000 research applications. Each year, we award more than 6 billion SEK to fund Swedish research.

Analysis, evaluation and mapping

We have a mandate to advise the Government on research policy issues We analyse and monitor the research system and the terms and conditions of research, and give advice on future research policy. We also work in various ways to stimulate international research collaboration – at national level, at public authority level, and for the individual researcher.

Funding of research infrastructure

In order to provide Swedish research with the best possible prerequisites, we fund research infrastructure, both in Sweden and abroad. Research infrastructures are advanced tools that researchers may need in order to carry out their research. Examples include databases, research facilities, biobanks and large-scale computational tools. The funding is always based on the needs of Swedish research.

Science communication

We have a national responsibility to coordinate communication about research and research results and to fund activities and collaborative projects in the area. We take a long-term approach to ensure the research will benefit society, and participate in national and international networks. We also manage some national digital services, for example the news website and the Expertsvar (“Expert Answer”) service for journalists.

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Swedish Research Council

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Swedish Research Council


  1. Press, images and logotypes

  2. The three regulations of the Swedish Research Council

    The Swedish Research Council has the task of regulating both the rules that apply to research principals when agreeing to receive visiting researchers, and also the rules that apply to applications for ethical review of research involving humans.

  3. Council for Register Data

    The Council for Register Data advises the Swedish Research Council on policy issues related to register-based research. The members of the Council represent the large register data owners and the research community.

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