Research communication

Promoting and developing research communication is part of the Swedish Research Council´s activity. Research communication is needed so that knowledge generated by research can be of benefit to society.

Knowledge for democracy and growth

Knowledge is a condition for growth and prosperity in society and is the basis for the individual´s quality of life and civic influence. Knowledge is also necessary to enable citizens and politicians to make up their minds about matters affecting the future.
The Research Council strives to develop and improve communicating between researchers within different areas, and between researchers and society in general.

Objectives of research communication

The expansion of democracy created in a society of enlightened and critically thinking citizens is the overarching object of research communicating.

Other goals are to illustrate and increase understanding of the importance of research to society. It is also important to promote dialogue and communication within the research community and to ensure that the results of research reach the areas in society where they can be useful, for  example within education, healthcare and in trade and industry.

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Updated: 2013-10-29