Research funding

The Swedish Research Council allocates around 6,4 billion Swedish kronor (SEK) annually by way of grants for research, and is the largest state funding agency for basic research at Swedish universities, colleges and institutions.

Subject areas

The Research Council provides support for research within research infrastructures, medicine, clinical therapy research,
humanities and social science, natural and engineering sciences,
development research, educational sciences and artistic research.

Expert scrutiny

Every year the Research Council receives a large number of applications for grants. Applications are assessed and prioritised according to their academic quality and the applicants´ competence.

The work is carried out by evaluation panels which consist of active researchers — both Swedish and foreign — with expertise within the areas the applications are concerned with. This form of expert scrutiny is known as peer review, and is part of the qualified quality scrutiny carried out.

Decisions as to the allocation of grants are taken by the relevant scientific council or committee on the basis of this work.

Who receives grants?

The bulk of the Council´s research grants go to projects which have been initiated by researchers themselves and assessed as being the most promising by other researchers during the peer review procedure. We also provide support for other purposes, for example jobs.

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Updated: 2015-03-02