Notis, 2018-04-19

More EU funding than ever available within FET Open

May 16 is the deadline for the next cutoff for the Future and Emerging Technologies Open (FET Open). The current budget has more than doubled to 181 M€, and the success rates have gone up to 7%.

Future and Emerging Technologies Open (FET Open) supports early stage science and technology research for radically new future technologies of any kind. The proposals should be cutting-edge high-risk / high-impact interdisciplinary research, and in the current work programme the essential characteristics (FET gatekeepers) have been reduced to three:

  • Radical Vision
  • Breakthrough technological target
  • Ambitious interdisciplinary research

FET Open has gained a reputation of low success rates stemming from oversubscription in the first Work Programme 2014-2015. Since then (2016-2017) the success rates have gone up to 7%, and in the current work programme the budget has more than doubled.

In the upcoming cutoff, May 16th, the available budget is 181 M€, approximately 100 M€ more than previous cutoffs. The following cutoffs in 2019 and 2020 have also increased substantially in funding available in the respective indicative budgets.

Deadline for the next cutoff is May 16, 2018.

More information about the call and on how to apply is available on the European Commissions Websiteexternal link, opens in new window.

If you plan to submit a proposal, be part of a proposal or have questions regarding this you are welcome to contact one of the national contact points:

Sverker Lundin, VR,, primary NCP FET

Johan Lindberg, Vinnova,, secondary NCP FET

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Updated: 2018-04-19