News, 2018-04-18

Opening of calls for proposals

The Swedish Research Council has now opened calls for proposals within Research project grant for digitisation and accessibility of cultural heritage collections and Research environment grant New Interdisciplinary Research. The calls are open until 22 May.

Research project grant for digitisation and accessibility of cultural heritage collections (HS) give researchers the freedom to formulate by themselves the research concept, method and implementation, and to solve a specific research task within a limited period. The focus of this grant aims to promote digitisation of and better accessibility to cultural heritage collections.

Research environment grant New Interdisciplinary Research (ES, DR, AR, MH, HS, NE) give research groups the possibility to develop interdisciplinary research and research environments where new ground breaking knowledge can be expected. The grant is intended for research where theories, methods, expertise and/or data from different disciplines are combined in such a way as to open up new research fields and approaches to research. The support is long-term and is primarily intended for new interdisciplinary research constellations consisting of researchers from genuinely different scientific fields. 

You can find all open calls here

How to apply

The call texts state the terms and conditions that apply for each grant and what should be included in the application.

Please submit the application electronically through Prisma, our application system. Before applying, you must create a personal account in Prisma, where your personal data will be stored. Please remember to create your personal account well in advance. Participating researchers must also create personal Prisma accounts, and confirm their involvement in the research project via Prisma before the application deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact the contact person(s) specified in each call text.

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Updated: 2018-04-19

AR = Artistic research

DR = Development research

ES = Educational sciences

HS = Humanities and social science

MH = Medicine and health

NE = Natural and engineering sciences