Indirect costs

Since 2010, the Swedish Research Council must cover both direct and indirect costs in proportion to the share of the total project cost which is funded by the Council.

The Swedish Research Council does not have a model for direct and indirect costs, but leaves it up to the administrating organisations to calculate the indirect costs based on their own models. The granted sum thus indicates a total amount including both direct and indirect costs, calculated according to the model of the administrating organisation in question.

The applicant must include both direct and indirect project-related costs in the application budget. As of 2013, this also includes applications for research infrastructure grants. Indirect costs should be stated as a separate post and is automatically added to the direct costs into a total amount. As an applicant you should be informed directly by your administrating organisation about what constitutes a direct and indirect cost, and thus how indirect costs should be stated, from the administrating organization. When grants are awarded as a fixed lump sum, no costs will normally have to be specified in the application.

The old rules apply for grants awarded before 2010, when the indirect costs corresponded to a fixed rate of 35 percent which the Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) and the Swedish Research Council had agreed on.

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Updated: 2016-02-02