The basic principle of the preparation process is for all applications to be public. Openness is also applied as far as possible during the preparation procedure itself in order to avoid all suspicion of conflict of interest or of other factors which might call into question the objectivity of the assessment.   

As a State authority the Research Council will apply the laws and other provisions applying to State administration. This means amongst other things that an application submitted becomes a public act once it has been registered with the authority.

It is important that all potential conflicts of interest are visible. The aim is to create openness around circumstances which might influence the research, interpretation of the results or prevent publication.

The members of the preparation groups will treat the applications confidentially. If anyone asks to read an application, he or she is referred to the research secretary handling the application. Even when a member confers with a colleague about an application during the scrutiny work, this must be done confidentially.

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Updated: 2014-02-28