Extension of disposal period and other requests

If you want to change administrating organisations, project leaders or extend your availability period for example, during your grant period, you can do this in Prisma via a ‘request.’

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Most types of request must be signed by another party when you have clicked on “Submit”, see below. The request will only be received by the Swedish Research Council when it has been signed by all parties. If the persons who must sign it does not do so within the time allowed, the request will be void. A new request must then be submitted.

Extension of availability period

The Swedish Research Council’s “Notification on decision” states the period during which a grant is paid. Unless stated otherwise in the decision, the grant is available during the period specified and for one further year, calculated from the last day of the grant period. If the request relates to circumstances outside the control of the project leader/equivalent, which have prevented the project leader/equivalent from performing the research, such as parental leave or long-term illness, an extension of the availability period may be approved.

A request for extension of availability period should be submitted by the project leader/equivalent no sooner than during the last availability year, before the last disposal date. It is important that the reason for the extension and the duration of the absence due to parental leave/illness is stated clearly. The administrating organisation must sign the request before it is received by the Swedish Research Council for processing. No signature is needed for organisation applications, instead the application is submitted direct for processing.

Change of administrating organisations

The administrating organisation is the Swedish university, higher education institution (HEI) or other public organisation that administers your grants. You must submit a request for change of administrating organisations in good time before the change is due to take place, as a change cannot be made retroactively. The request must be sent to both administrating organisations for signature, and will only thereafter be received by the Swedish Research Council for processing. Depending on the type of grant your request relates to, we may request further documentation, such as a support letter from the new administrating organisation.

In conjunction with a change of administrating organisations, the old administrating organisation must submit a final financial report, and pay back any unused funds. This is done via Prisma.

Change of project leader

The project leader is the person who has been awarded funds for research. If it is no longer possible for the original project leader to lead the project, a new project leader may be appointed. The new project leader should be one of those who participated in the original application for the research grant and should not already have an ongoing project grant (if the request is for an unfocused project grant). Both the new project leader and the administrating organisation must sign the request before it can be processed by the Swedish Research Council, and we may also request the proposed project leader’s CV and list of publications as documentation in the processing.

Please note that it is not possible to change project leaders for the grant types International Postdoc, Starting Grant, Consolidator Grant, Grant for Half-time Research Position in a Clinical Environment, Distinguished Professor Grant, Distinguished Young Researcher Grant, Marie Sklodowska International Career Grant and Project Grant for Junior Researchers.

Updated: 2017-12-21

Prisma is the application system jointly used by the Swedish Research Council, Formas and Forte.

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