Instruction for reviewers, Humanities and Social sciences

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to you as a scientific reviewer of research grant applications received by the Swedish Research Council. By accepting this assignment you have chosen to join a rigorous peer-review system that has, for many years, proven its effectiveness in appraising the scientific potential of research grant applications. We are grateful that you have chosen to make an important contribution to the ongoing effort of assuring that the Swedish Research Council supports scientific research of the highest scientific quality. We also hope that you will find the experience of participating in this comprehensive process to be beneficial.

We intend for this handbook to serve as a tool for you as a panel member who reviews or evaluates grant applications submitted to the Scientific Council for Humanities and Social Sciences. This handbook contains instructions and guidelines related to the evaluation process for Humanities and Social Sciences.

Although some guidelines apply specifically to the evaluation process in Humanities and Social Sciences, these should always be viewed as supplementary to the Swedish Research Council´s general guidelines for evaluating research grant applications (see the appendices). Some of the information may be updated during the process. You will receive this additional information from the Chair of your review panel or from the staff of the Swedish Research Council.

Kerstin Sahlin
Secretary General
Scientific Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences
The Swedish Research Council 

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Updated: 2018-04-24