Research infrastructure

The Swedish Research Council works to enable access for Swedish researchers to infrastructure for research of the highest quality. Examples
of research infrastructure are research facilities, facilities for
register research, comprehensive data networks and resources for
calculation which are used nationally or internationally by several
research groups.

The Swedish Research Council is involved in financing and long-term planning for national infrastructure and Sweden's participation in international infrastructures within all subject areas.

See a list of Research Infrastructures (in Swedish), linking to their own websites.

Current call for proposals

Current proposals within all subject areas​

Funding granted

Funding granted research infrastructures

New model for funding and prioritising of research infrastructures as of 2015

How infrastructure is prioritised

"We are now revieving the forms for handling of research infrastructures"​

International collaborations

​For a relatively small country such as Sweden, it is crucial to take part in international infrastructure projects in order to give researchers access to the foremost facilities.

Through the Swedish Research Council, Sweden participates in a number of collaborations, which means both that Swedish researchers can be accorded experiment time or get part of their training in an international facility, and also that they can apply for job openings. The Swedish Research Council also makes an effort to see that strong Swedish infrastructures expand and participate as Swedish nodes in international infrastructures.

Read more about international collaborationexternal link


Contacts regarding research infrastructures external link

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Updated: 2017-11-20