Inventory of infrastructure needs 2017

Proposals for infrastructure needs can then be submitted between 14 September and 12 October. The inventory will be used as a basis for the targeted call for funding of research infrastructure in 2019.

The Swedish Research Council prioritises infrastructure by means of a recurrent two-year cyclical process. The first step of the process is an inventory of needs aimed at indicating areas where there are clear needs for new research infrastructure. The outcome of the inventory of needs is thereafter used as the basis for the targeted call for funding of infrastructure. Please note that the Swedish Research Council does not have an open call for infrastructure.

The first inventory of needs was performed by the Swedish Research Council in 2015. The result of the inventory was published in autumn 2016 and formed the basis for the call for funding of research infrastructure in 2017. In autumn 2017, a second inventory of needs will take place.

To the Needs inventory (open between 14/9-12/10)

For what types of infrastructure do we want proposals, and who can submit a proposal?

The purpose of the inventory is to capture new needs for infrastructure of national interest. The proposals submitted to the Swedish Research Council should either cover a need for completely new infrastructure, or a need for connection and significant development of existing resources into one infrastructure of national importance.

Proposals for major upgrading of existing infrastructure should also be submitted to the inventory of needs. A major upgrading is an upgrading of an existing research infrastructure that is in operation. The goal for it is to create a substantial change of its scientific outputs, or a substantial change of the technical approach. It does not cover routine maintenance or incremental gains.

Needs for new international research infrastructure should also be submitted to the inventory of needs. This applies for both Swedish participation in developing new international infrastructure and Swedish membership in existing organisations.

Proposals may be submitted by the management of higher education institutions, government agencies with research responsibilities, research funding bodies and groups of researchers.

What happens to the submitted proposals?

In a first step, the proposals submitted will be grouped into thematic areas. The individual proposals will thereby be seen in a context, rather than as a stand-alone proposal. This does not exclude one prioritised area being based on one proposal alone. The Swedish Research Council prefers to see an area that right from the start is so well-coordinated that it is covered by a single well-founded proposal.

Between October 2017 and March 2018, the proposals will be evaluated by the advisory groups linked to the Council for Research Infrastructures (RFI). In their reviews, the groups will consider input from Scientific Councils of the Swedish Research Council and the Universities Reference Group for Research Infrastructure (URFI). The evaluation is based on a number of criteria, such as scientific relevance, national interest and strategic considerations.

What is happening to the proposals that were submitted in the 2015 inventory of needs?

The outcome of the 2015 inventory of needs was presented in an appendix to the Swedish Research Council's Guide to Infrastructures 2014external link . The proposers of needs that were given the highest priority, category A1, had the opportunity to apply in the call 2017. The funding decision will be published on 20 September 2017. Applicants within category A1 who were not granted funding must submit a new proposal of need to have the opportunity to apply again in 2019. The same applies for proposals that were categorised as A2 in the 2015 inventory of needs. To continue to be part of the process, a new proposal must be submitted.

Decision on the appendix to the guide to infrastructure

During spring/summer 2018, RFI will make a decision on the thematic areas that will be included in the appendix to the Swedish Research Council's Guide to Infrastructures 2018, which will be published during autumn 2018. The focus of the next call, which will take place in early 2019, and thus the infrastructures or thematic areas that can apply, will be decided by RFI in autumn 2018.

Except for infrastructures with ongoing operational grants from the Swedish Research Council only the thematic areas with high priority in the appendix are eligible to apply for funding in the next call in spring 2019.


Svetoslava Baumann

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Updated: 2017-09-14