Strategy for ESS in Sweden

The Swedish Research Council has drafted a proposal for a long-term strategy for ESS in Sweden. The proposal was submitted to the Swedish government in May 2016 as a part of a larger government assignment and covers the time period until 2030.

In order for Sweden to benefit from hosting one of the largest research facilities in Europe, the government has tasked the Swedish Research Council with stimulating Swedish participation, usage and expertise development related the construction and operation of ESS.

Within the framework of this government assignment, the Research Council has proposed a strategy for ESS in Sweden. The work has been done in close consultation with a reference group, using feedback from, among others, the scientific councils of the Research Council. Vinnova, the government agency for innovation, has contributed to the parts that relate to industry collaboration.

Long-term strategy

The proposed strategy is long-term and extends to 2030, by which time the facility will have been fully operational for several years. The proposal outlines how Swedish stakeholders can participate through research, development and deliveries to ESS. The objective is to increase the return on the Swedish investments and ensure that Sweden and Swedish research obtains the maximum possible benefit from the facility being built in the country.

The proposal includes a vision, mission statement, general goals and prioritised milestones, as well as an action plan with yearly follow-ups.


ESS in Sweden shall be a world-leading knowledge centre for the sustainable materials of the future.

General goals

  • As the host country of ESS, Sweden has created a world-leading knowledge centre, based on material science in the wider sense, which will strengthen Swedish research and competitiveness.
  • By 2030, Sweden shall be the first choice for researchers, companies and institutes that, using the unique opportunities available at ESS and Max IV, want to meet the grand challenges of our time by investigating and understanding the structure and dynamics of molecules, materials and objects.

Prioritised milestones

Four prioritised milestones will be the starting point for an annual strategy process. The milestones are closely interconnected and require cooperation of academia, industry and other stakeholders.

  • As the host country, Sweden shall take a long-term responsibility for ESS, ensuring its potential is realised including the colocation with Max IV.
  • Sweden shall promote the usage of neutron scattering for research and development, which will benefit the country’s research and industry.
  • Sweden shall create a globally attractive environment for knowledge and innovation with ESS and Max IV as its cornerstones.
  • Sweden shall be a supplier to ESS and thereby take advantage of the resulting technology and expertise development.

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Updated: 2016-06-16